bioHey Everyone, My name is Derek Dow. I am a 32-year-old Chicago Native hailing from the Southside of my city. I’m a writer, director, producer, content creator, actor and an overall nice guy. I have a B.A. in Communications from Chicago State University and an M.F.A in Production from the University of Southern California. Besides the by the book information above, there is one thing I haven’t mentioned. I have become an “authority” in the special skill of being “30”. Besides making it look good, I am fascinated with the trajectory of my generation, which I like to call the “transitioning generation.” In a world where getting a higher education doesn’t always equate success, and even the once coveted “government” job doesn’t mean life stability, I want to help you navigate life after 30. This blog will be a place where we share experiences, from our successes to our failures. This will be a place for laughter, tears, fun, travel, fashion and whatever else life can throw at us in our third decade here on Earth. I know most of us think we’re 30&Grown but we’re really 30&Growing.